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Project Study

Noggin User Conference Agenda

Kevin Langer


Noggin creates incident management software for governments and companies to track, plan, and prepare for life's unexpected surprises. The industry around emergency management is ripe with thought leaders and case studies. Looking to enrich those in the industry, Noggin decided to have their first User Conference to bring together all their customers and industry professionals.

The Challenge

The agenda brimming with lectures, workshops, and software demonstrations is over two days and there would be four concurrent sessions. That's quite the calendar for the user to navigate, especially if they're mobile and changing their mind on the fly about which session to attend. Creating an agenda that the users can access and effectively use while still adhering to the branding of Noggin and the conference is the challenge at hand.


What have other conferences done? How effective were they? What resources did they have at their disposal? Would these solutions work for Noggin? These were prime questions to answer when researching a solution for Noggin's agenda. Many conferences didn't provide an agenda outside of some printed or non-mobile website. While this would get the agenda in the user's hands, it's not quite friendly and as helpful as I would like. Other conferences create apps to provide the agenda and other content of value to the user. This option would be amazing, however the technical resources available to me were, well, just me, so this option was a bit too much for my capabilities at the moment. The most shining examples were conferences that provided a mobile friendly agenda.


Reflecting on the examples from my research I decided that the best option would be to create a mobile friendly website for the agenda that the users could access anywhere so they could make changes on a whim. Making the page is easy but cramming all the information into a small screen will not be fun to interpret. How do I make it even easier for the user? Refining the layout for easy to understand typography is helpful, but I can do more to help the user. With some easy HTML and CSS we could have the user select the day and session room to pare down the content to just what they need. 

Delivery with Thoughts

The final product ended up being a success. The ease for the user to just use the conference website for the agenda was intuitive and they didn't think twice about where or how to obtain the information. Providing an interactive mobile friendly solution fit so perfectly that it was almost unnoticed being so organic. If given the chance to implement again I would have liked to add a favorite function to bookmark and filter through sessions that were of particular interest to the user.

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