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Viz.ai Trust Center

Project Study

Kevin Langer


I was the lead on a team of two designers tasked with improving a secondary website. As a medical technology supplier Viz.ai often gets requests for information on their security. It's an important part of the sales cycle to provide as much information as possible to prospective clients on the security practices and procedures to meet their requirements and ease their minds. For this purpose Viz.ai created a Trust Center, a repository of the security practices and certificates held by the company.

The Challenge

The original Trust Center was created very quickly by the Security department. It was built to serve two functions: Provide information on Viz.ai's security practices and supply any requests for certifications to those who need it. It terms of the second function, it was a complicated process of finding the right area on the site and then following a 12 step process to obtain the certifications. Because this site was done in haste it didn't meet the branding requirements for it to be put on the main website. The decision was made to have it as a subdomain not linked to the main website. It was also very confusing to use with hidden pages, a complicated navigation menu, and the main CTA obscured.


Working with another designer, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Not only did we have to bring the visual design of the site up to brand but we also had to improve this confusing 12 step workflow on requesting certifications. Leading the project I got all the stakeholders together to go over the current process. We followed the user's journey, the client and the security officer, to understand their frustrations with the process. Identifying several areas for improvement I refined the process and looked into the technical restraints to implement the ideas. Additionally, we also revisited the confusing layout of the website and reorganized it, unhiding all the information that was previously buried in confusing navigation. We also pulled the CTA for requesting certifications out of submenus and made it easily accessible from any part of the website.


After going over the user's journey I was able to reduce the 12 step process to 10 steps. This was not the big improvement I was hoping for. Looking into each step of the process I did a series of "How Might We" ideas. This generated some idea paths for me to follow to get rid of more steps. I realized we were having several steps go back and forth unnecessarily with the user submitting once, then twice, then thrice. We didn't need the user to do each of those actions individually, so I combined them all into one action. This took us down to 7 steps in the workflow, a 58% savings. Because the steps being reduced were covered by our NDA and security check, I convinced stakeholders that the reduction in steps didn't reduce the legal protections or security of the process.

Delivery with Thoughts

The reenvisioned Trust Center set out to achieve two things: Update the branding so we could link it to the main website, and improve the workflow for users. We achieved both. Everyone involved is pleased with the results, and it has been a marked improvement. I would have liked to find a solution to automate the certification delivery process thus shaving off a few more steps, but at the current time, we lacked the resources available to achieve this. It's a pin I have put into the project to keep my eye out for a possible way to get around and improve the workflow even more. Overall, this was a very successful update to the Viz.ai website.