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Kevin Langer


Motion graphic design can be incorporated into any dynamic element of design but generally video is the main medium for the craft. Larger projects include creating full scale animations, green screens, and carefully crafted storyboards while smaller projects add subtle touches to lower third title bars or editing out unwanted elements in a shot. Projects have a story or metaphor to convey. As the designer it is my job to paint that message on a moving canvas that entertains and delights viewers.

When I start any video project I make sure there's a solid script and/or storyboard that I can follow to make sure the story is being told and created accordingly. Depending on the scale of the project I may make mocks for the visual style or just make a rough motion clip for stakeholders to review and give feedback. I create effects in After Effects or Cinema 4D and for larger projects I will use Premiere for the final cut.

Motion Graphics Reel

Compilation of motion graphic animations that I have created over the last few years.

Careers at Noggin

Promotion video for recruitment at Noggin.

SAP Caregiving Award Submission

A UX Award submission video on the SAP Caregiving by Design concept from the Design and Co-Innovation Center.